'Bruiser Woods' Stole the Spotlight in Legally Blonde

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If you haven't seen the Legally Blonde films, you should immediately watch them on Netflix. Bruiser Woods is the pet chihuahua of Elle Woods, who is played by actress Reese Witherspoon. He was found abandoned by Elle and is one of the most famous Chihuahuas in a film or TV series.

Legally Blonde starred several big names, but none were bigger than the canine actor Moonie. He was even accompanied Reese Witherspoon to her Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony in December 2010.

Why is this pint-sized pup so popular? 

Bruiser Woods is always saving the day or making his way into the characters' hearts. This is one of our personal fave famous canines.

Reese Witherspoon's Elle carried this dog everywhere during her adventures in the law field, with the dog wearing pink outfits and drinking Evian. We hoped for more Legally Blonde movies, so we could drool over Bruiser's pink hats and sweaters!

How many dogs played 'Bruiser' in the movies?

Just Moonie!

Moonie, also known as Moondoggie, starred in both Legally Blonde and Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde, appearing alongside Witherspoon. According to Wolfstoria.com, Moondoggie lived with Gidget, the famous Taco Bell Chihuahua, and both were trained by Sue Chipperton. Small world!.

Sadly, Moonie died at the age of 18 in March 2016.

Favorite Bruiser moments

Bark Post shared some of their favorite 'Bruiser Woods' moments. What are we missing here?

  • Remember when Bruiser was comforted Elle post-Warner breakup? So sweet!
  • This sweet little chihuahua selflessly volunteered to help Elle with her school projects.
  • This canine companion basically killed it in a mini pillbox hat! There are so many 'outfit' moments in the Legally Blonde movies!

RIP Bruiser. There were many touching tributes on Instagram accounts everywhere.

Do you know anyone that lives with a dog like Bruiser? Let us know what characteristics you love about this breed!

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'Bruiser Woods' Stole the Spotlight in Legally Blonde