Brooklyn Dog Who Escaped Dog Walker Is Found Hours Later in NY Deli

Posted by Krissy Howard

A Chow Chow mix named Cash had several people in two boroughs searching high and low for him last week after escaping from his dog walker.

Cash's owner, Gwen Wunderlich, was at Laguardia airport ready to take off when she got a frantic call from her dog walker explaining that Cash wiggled out of his collar.

An immediate call to the police revealed that several people had already called about a dog matching Cash's description walking along the pedestrian path on the Brooklyn Bridge headed toward Manhattan.

Wunderlich departed the plane and sprung into action.

"We drove to Canal Street, we drove to the Manhattan Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge, back downtown by Canal Street," she said in an interview with CBS Local.

Tips started coming in from all over the city, placing Cash at points ranging from Midtown to the East Side, none of whom had any luck catching the tenacious pooch.

Finally, Wunderlich received a call from Animal Control, who had Cash in their possession. They were able to retrieve the dog after a Chelsea deli worker called police, complaining of a dog who walked behind the counter and wouldn't leave.

Happy to have her four-legged friend home, the ordeal has inspired Wunderlich to microchip and neuter Cash as soon as possible.

Has your dog ever escaped from a dog walker? Let us know in the comments below.

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Brooklyn Dog Who Escaped Dog Walker Is Found Hours Later in NY Deli