Orphaned Cow and Companion Goat Prove the Power of Friendship

Posted by Allie Layos
cow and goat

Orphaned at birth, Brody the cow learned the power of friendship. 

Life began tragically for Brody the orphaned cow, but his luck soon turned around thanks to dedicated rescue volunteers and lots of new friends.

A Black Angus steer, whose mother died while giving birth to him, Brody was rescued by Hooves and Paws Animal Rescue in Little Rock, California, and hand-raised and bottle-fed by the rescue's volunteers.

But despite the great care he was given by the rescue, Brody was still lonely and in need of a friend. Finally he was given a goat as a companion, and that changed everything.

Watch how Brody and his goat friend became inseparable, eating, playing, and resting together.

Brody's experience with his goat friend had lasting effects. Just two years later, Brody has taken on the role of companion to the rescue's other orphans, proving that love and friendship know no boundaries.

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