British Surgeons Remove Tiniest Tumor from Goldfish Fin

Posted by Allie Layos
Goldfish on surgical table
All images via Toll Barn Vets via Bored Panda

Nothing was going to stop this family from trying to save their beloved goldfish. 

For most fish, a tumor would be a death sentence. But not so for the 20-year-old goldfish Bob.

When Bob's family spotted his tumor, they decided to take him to Dr. Faye Bethell, in Norfolk, England for treatment, where the vet saved Bob's life by performing a complicated fish surgery.

Goldfish on surgical table

When Dr. Bethel first saw Bob, she knew there were only two choices for his owners.

Goldfish on surgical table"The option was to remove the lump or put him to sleep and now he is doing brilliantly," she said. "Bob's owners were really pleased because the goldfish is older than their children and he's very much considered part of the family."

Goldfish surgery

After feeding him fish anesthetics, Dr. Bethell began the surgery.

Goldfish surgery

The procedure, which took 30 minutes, and cost around $250, required the use of a miniature heart-rate monitor and micro-surgical equipment.

Goldfish surgery

As Dr. Bethell said:

"It's pretty complicated because everything is so small. This one was the oldest fish we've operated on...Bob's now back home and enjoying swimming properly for the first time in weeks."

Bob the goldfish

She is thrilled with Bob's outcome, and her part in it.

"We are definitely seeing pets living longer," Dr. Bethell said. "It's really nice when you get an owner who wants to save them and great to help."

All images via Toll Barn Vets via Bored Panda.

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British Surgeons Remove Tiniest Tumor from Goldfish Fin