This British Reality TV Show Is Teaching Dogs How to Fly Planes

Posted by Katherine Ripley
Daily Mail/UK

Dogs flying planes might be the most ridiculous reality TV show yet.

Just when we thought reality TV couldn't get any more bizarre, the British network Sky1 came out with Dogs Might Fly. The concept is simple, and yet completely wacko. Twelve dogs were taken from shelters and put through a series of mental tests to determine which three of them would go through flying school. Those three were taught how to fly planes, and the other nine went off to their forever homes.

The dogs' tests included reacting to a crying actress (to test for empathy), choosing between a bowl with food and an empty bowl that the trainer pointed to (to test for independent thinking), and trying to reach a piece of food that was hung high off the ground (to test for problem solving skills).

The idea for this TV show came from New Zealander Mark Vette, who taught rescue dogs how to drive cars. Apparently his project worked out pretty well. Vette trained the dogs for eight weeks, at the end of which they were able to turn on the car's ignition, put the car in gear, and turn corners.


Mark Vette is also the crazy nut who trains the reality TV show dogs to fly and actually gets in a plane with the dogs at the controls.

To find out how that goes, you'll have to watch the show.

It's unclear whether the dogs understand the danger of flying a plane, or driving a car, for that matter. Mark Vette seems to be unconcerned about that.

It's also unclear why the network chose to use dogs for this show rather than pigs. Scientists have found that pigs are even smarter than dogs, and "Pigs Could Fly" is a much more clever concept, playing on the classic idiom that we all know.

"Donald Trump will be president when pigs fly."

Yeah...about that...

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This British Reality TV Show Is Teaching Dogs How to Fly Planes