British Police Horse Makes Sure Things are OK After Man Collapses on Bus

Posted by TF Oren
Photos courtesy of Simon Crowcroft via EveningStandard

Some north Londoners did a double last week when they saw a horse getting on to a double decker bus. 

A little after 11:20 a.m. last Tuesday, a man collapsed while on the bus in London. Police Constable (PC) Dan Smith and his horse, Invictor, responded to the call.

PC Smith boarded the bus to investigate and much to everyone's surprise, Invictor poked his head inside to have a look around as well.

horse on bus

Photos from passersby show the large horse with his head fully inside the bus up to the shoulder, as if ready to step aboard and help out.

Smith and Invictor received congratulations all around for their teamwork. The Met Taskforce called Invictor a "team player" and members of the public lauded the dynamic duo on their can-do approach to police work.

According to the London ambulance service, paramedics arrived on scene to treat the man who collapsed.

Photos courtesy of Simon Crowcroft via EveningStandard.

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