British Animal Charity Reveals 'Real' Reasons People Give Up Their Pets

Posted by Paige Cerulli
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Dogs Trust, the largest dog welfare charity in the UK, has revealed the "real" reasons people give up their pets. Sadly, they're absolutely ridiculous.

Every year, thousands of pets are surrendered to animal shelters for a variety of reasons. Last year, the British charity received a call every five minutes from people who wanted to give up their dogs. After logging a stunning 3,596 calls, the charity disclosed some of the most common reasons people give up their dogs:

  • I won a free holiday and I couldn't take my dogs with me
  • I'm a vegetarian but he always wanted to eat meat
  • I got him as a Secret Santa present
  • She was too friendly and wanted to greet every dog and human we met on a walk
  • He was panting too much
  • He didn't like it when we played dress up
  • She sleeps in her own bed at night - I thought she would want to sleep in my bed

It's hard to stomach some of the absurdity of these reasons, especially knowing the uncertain future that these dogs will face in animal shelters. And when pet owners are faced with valid reasons why they can't keep their pets, such as unavoidable life changes, their pets are competing for space in shelters with these dogs, who have been abandoned for ridiculous reasons.

According to Dogs Trust, a recent survey revealed that 20% of dog owners spend less than one week researching before they buy a dog. On top of that, 1 out of 5 people admitted that they bought a dog just because they thought it was a cute accessory. One in 10 people bought or received a dog as a Christmas gift.

Dogs Trust maintains its message that dogs are for life. Check out one of their meaningful commercials below:

Last year, Dogs Trust received 1,000 calls from people wanting to give up their dogs during Christmas week alone. The charity is once again preparing for the influx of calls.

If you think these reasons people give up their pets are ridiculous, please help spread the word that pets are a lifetime commitment. Share this article with friends and family, and consider volunteering at your local animal shelter to help pets in need find the forever homes they deserve.

Do you know anyone who's ever gotten a pet that they weren't ready for? Tell us about it in the comments.

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British Animal Charity Reveals 'Real' Reasons People Give Up Their Pets