Brinks the Smiling Pit Bull Is the Happiest Guy in NYC!

Posted by Krissy Howard

Winter weather has a lot of New Yorkers down these days, but not much can keep this bully boy from smiling! 

When Brooklyn resident Jon Bozak found a stray puppy wandering outside of his apartment, he wasn't exactly looking to add another member to his pack but knew he couldn't just leave the little guy to fend for himself on the streets of NYC alone.

Doing his best to locate the pup's owners, Bozak decided to adopt the young pooch when no one came forward, and it's been nothing but smiles ever since, literally!

"I had first discovered Brinks' smile that very first day I found him," Bozak said, of the puppy's hidden, and without a doubt adorable, talent.

"It was pretty incredible."

The two have now been a pair for 12 years, and Bozak remarks that he "can't help but be happy" every time he looks down at that adoring face. As it turns out, science can actually back Bozak's claim.

In a 2011 study published by the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, pet owners were revealed to exhibit higher self-esteem and healthier relationships, as well as increased physical fitness and conscientiousness than non-owners surveyed. Therapy dogs have even been used to help college students de-stress before finals as well as help people through mental illness.

To keep tabs on Brinks, you can find him flashing a smile at his 80,000 Instagram followers anytime. Check them out @SmilingBrinks for your daily dose of bully love!

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Brinks the Smiling Pit Bull Is the Happiest Guy in NYC!