Bring Your Feline Everywhere with the Cat Pack

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Cat Pack
Photo: U-Pet Facebook page

The Cat Pack looks like a tiny spaceship and will turn your cat into a traveling feline!

The U-Pet Cat Pack gives your cat a window to the world from the safety of a backpack. This cat backpack is super cute and looks like a tiny spaceship with a clear plastic porthole window.

cat backpack

The porthole window can also fit an optional mesh screen, and there are additional multiple mesh side vents for airflow. "The semi-sphere window design provides your pet a more interesting and safe space for your pet, which allows your pets to enjoy the sunshine and scenery with you and interact with the outside world," according to the U-Pet website.

cat backpack

Louisa Coppel told 9NEWS her 18-month-old Tonkinese cat is "delighted by it." Coppel takes her cat with her wherever she goes. "From my perspective it's really good stimulation for her," Coppel told 9NEWS.

See the Cat Pack in action below:

The Cat Pack might also be a stylish alternative to a crate when taking your cat to the vet. The Cat Pack can also work for small dogs, bunnies, and other pets on the smaller side.

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We have no doubt there is (or soon will be) a chicken owner with one of these and their pet chicken strapped on their back.

Cat Pack

The Cat Pack comes in many shapes and colors and costs between $71-$149. Tom Stevenson founded U-Pet in 2013 and is a cat owner himself as well as the chief designer and company president.

cat pack

Want to learn more? Check out U-Pet on Facebook. Want one of your own? Order on the U-Pet website or on Amazon.

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Photos via U-Pet Facebook page

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Bring Your Feline Everywhere with the Cat Pack