Bride Surprised with Camel and Trio of Mini-Donkeys on Her Big Day

Posted by Jason Sarna
camel and donkey wedding
Photo by Sarah Hoffman/The World Herald via Press of Atlantic City

Nothing says "I love you" like a camel and a trio of mini-donkeys.

Ruth and Marcus Brown stepped out of an Omaha church after saying "I do" to find a special guest waiting outside: a dromedary camel wearing a black bow tie named Zebediah.

Ruth immediately knew who camel was and began laughing and smiling.

According to the Press of Atlantic City, Zeb is from Scatter Joy Acres - a 26-acre ranch in north Omaha that both Ruth and Marcus volunteer at. The ranch is home to nearly 100 animals and provides animal-assisted therapy to seniors, veterans, disabled individuals, and disadvantaged youths.

The camel was arranged to be brought to Bridge North Chapel by Marcus as a surprise for his new wife.

A trio of mini-donkeys named Priscille, Rebecca, and Rachel were also in attendance. All of the animals wore ribbons, and one even carried baskets of flowers on her back for the occasion.

Guests gathered around Zeb and his friends to take pictures with the animals.

As the new husband and wife posed next to Zeb, the camel started nibbling on the bride's bouquet of flowers before turning his attention to the flowers in her hair.

Mr. and Mrs. Brown said they are big fans of not just Zeb, but also of the good work done by Scatter Joy Acres.

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Bride Surprised with Camel and Trio of Mini-Donkeys on Her Big Day