Science Proves That You Can Probably Speak Dog, at Least with Growling

Posted by Tori Holmes
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Have you ever gotten the feeling that you understand what your dog is trying to say to you, even though no common words have been spoken? According to a recent study, this may actually be the case.

Recently, researchers at Hungary's Eötvös Loránd University began looking into how well humans understand dog language. To do this, they had a group of 40 human volunteers listen to a selection of dog growls. Dog growls may seem menacing, but they actually play an important role in communication.

For this study, participants listened to an aggressive growl used while protecting food, an aggressive growl used in threat displays, and a playful growl.

The growls presented were collected from 18 different dogs and presented to the volunteers at random. As they heard the growls, the volunteers determined which of the three categories the growl fell under.

Dog growls at another dog. Lovely pets

After the results were analyzed, researchers determined that, overall, participants were able to identify the correct 63% of the time, with female participants actually identifying them correctly 65% of the time.

The volunteers were a mixture of those with dogs and those without. This means that even those who do not spend time around dogs have the basic understanding of what dogs are communicating with different growls.

What do you think - could you correctly identify what your dog is trying to say to you? Let us know in the comments!

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Science Proves That You Can Probably Speak Dog, at Least with Growling