Doggie Booties Prove Breaking in New Shoes Is Never Fun

Posted by Paige Cerulli

No one likes breaking in new shoes, and this Golden Retriever really isn't too sure about this whole shoe thing in general. 

When this Golden Retriever is given a set of new shoes, he's not too sure what to do. Breaking in new shoes is hard, after all, and it's kind of weird to walk in them at first. They feel stiff, a little tight, and sometimes they even affect your balance.

This adorable Golden Retriever is trying to figure out his new shoes. In doing so, he creates quite the unusual walking style. Take a look and try not to laugh at the poor pup!

With a little practice, this dog will probably get the hang of his new shoes. Dog boots or shoes can be a little strange, especially if your dog isn't used to wearing them. Generally, you shouldn't give your dog boots or shoes unless he has a need for them. Some dogs benefit from the boots because they help to protect their paws from hot concrete during the summer. Sled dogs often wear boots to protect their paws from ice and snow.

If your dog needs to wear boots, introduce them gradually, and for short periods of time. Make sure that the boots fit your dog appropriately, and begin by handling your dog's paws so that he's comfortable with different sensations on his feet. Then, gradually introduce the boots and make the experience positive for your dog - ask him to walk forward and give him a treat and plenty of praise.

Many dogs can learn to wear boots comfortably, even though they may be a little uncomfortable with the whole process at first.

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Doggie Booties Prove Breaking in New Shoes Is Never Fun