Break Out the Kleenex for Fiona the Blind Dog's Rescue Story

Posted by TF Oren

This one's a tearjerker. 

When Los Angeles-based animal rescue Hope for Paws received a call about a stray dog in need of help in south L.A., rescue founders Eldad and Audrey Hagar had no idea what they were about to find.

The caller reported that the dog was in poor shape, but that she couldn't get close enough to provide much information beyond that. The Hagars wasted no time in following up. When they arrived at the location, their preliminary search revealed no sign of the dog.

Then, during the second sweep, they checked a pile of trash in a shed on the property. What they found was heart wrenching: the blind, terrified, matted mess of a poodle sat frozen in fear as her rescuers approached. Little did she know, her whole world was about to change.

Watch the amazing rescue and its extraordinary outcome unfold:

In an instant, rescuers changed the course of Fiona's life. A blind, forgotten dog living in a trash pile is now a happy, healthy, and cherished pet.  Since her remarkable rescue, Fiona has become something of a celebrity, appearing on the "Today Show," "Anderson," and winning ASPCA's Dog of the Year Award for 2012.

Fortunately, Fiona's story has a happy ending. But for every Fiona, there are thousands of animals out there who aren't nearly as lucky. Fiona's story is a powerful reminder that rescue changes lives.

Dog trainer Karen Davison put it best when she said, "Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever."

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Break Out the Kleenex for Fiona the Blind Dog's Rescue Story