Boy Who Lost His Leg to Cancer Finally Adopts the Three-Legged Dog He's Always Dreamed Of

Posted by Tori Holmes
Quinn and Logan on adoption day

Twelve-year-old Quinn and a pit bull mix named Logan are a match made in heaven.

After losing his leg and hip to cancer two years ago, Quinn told his mom that there was nothing he wanted more than a three-legged dog. Since then, his mother, Teresa, had been on the lookout for the perfect dog to join their family.

Earlier this month, Teresa found the dog they had been searching for: a pit bull mix named Logan who was available for adoption in the nearby city of Sacramento.

Quinn was pulled out of school early and he and Teresa made the trip from Napa to Sacramento to meet Logan. Unfortunately, by the time they arrived, another woman had already reserved him.

In the off-chance that the woman who had reserved Logan changed her mine, Quinn and Teresa decided to wait. Not long afterward, the woman called and said that she had changed her mind: Logan could go home with Quinn.

Logan and Quinn

Anyone who has battled cancer knows that the treatments can lonely and isolating, but now Quinn has someone who understands these challenges. Picked up as a stray, Logan the pit bull had a leg so severely broken it had to be amputated.

Logan and Quinn immediately hit it off and there were many happy tears as the pair set off together back to Napa.

Here's to many happy years together, you too!

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