Boxer Dog Imitates Jumping Dog from Christmas Commercial and It's Hilarious

Posted by Mateja Lane

A commercial hit the air last week in the UK and it has everyone excited, especially this Boxer. 

The UK furniture store John Lewis released a commercial last week that everyone fell in love with. It features a family getting ready for Christmas morning, where a new trampoline is waiting in the backyard. The commercial ends with the family dog bouncing ecstatically on the new trampoline.

Now the commercial is being showed on networks across the UK and everyone loves it, including Buzz the Boxer. Buzz sees Buster, the Boxer from the commercial, jumping on the trampoline and he can't help himself but copy him.

It's hilarious.

Buzz's owner Victoria Mon posted the video to her Facebook page saying, "The reason I love my box !!!!!!"

Buzz has clearly seen the commercial before as he comes out with his tail wagging, waiting for what comes at the end. Finally, Buster the Boxer gets his turn on the trampoline and Buzz jumps, quite controlled, as if he is on the trampoline too.

Apparently Buzz needs a trampoline for Christmas too.

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