Boomer the Cat Has a Blast in His Ball Pit

Posted by Tori Holmes
Boomer the cat's ball pit | Wide Open Pets

If you think kids are the only ones who love a good ball pit, think again.

Boomer the cat was perfectly happy with his big box, when suddenly his owner starts filling it with balls.

Just when Boomer thought boxes couldn't get any better he's given his very own ball pit!

When the balls hit the box, you can actually see the expression on his face change from one of confusion ("What on earth is this human putting in my box!") to excitement at the endless possibility of fun ("There are just so many of them! I must play with them all!").

When it comes to ball pits for cats, it seems like the best upgrade you can make is to cut a small hole in the side so the cats can reach the balls from a different angle. It also gives us humans a pretty funny view into what's happening inside the ball pit.

And when the box begins to feel too small? Move on over to the kiddie pool!

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Boomer the Cat Has a Blast in His Ball Pit