Lulu the Bomb-Sniffing Dog Just Not Right for the Job, Fired by CIA

Posted by Mateja Lane
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Sometimes, there are more important things in the world besides jobs. 

At least that's what Lulu the Black Lab thinks. Brought on by the CIA as a bomb-sniffing dog, she was recently let go because of her lackadaisical performance. Lulu was fired because she doesn't really care about being a detection dog.

The CIA told the world that Lulu was not right for the job in a series of tweets.

Only a few weeks into her training, Lulu showed her trainers that she just wasn't up for the task.

But the CIA wants everyone to know that it's okay, that it happens. Everyone has good days and bad ones.

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And even though the trainers might not know why Lulu couldn't step up to the tasks given to her...

She is still a good dog, if not a bit distracted.

It takes a special dog to be a CIA K-9 detection dog which, according to the agency, serves "as the first line of defense against explosive threats to Agency personnel and buildings at Headquarters and abroad."

That's a big job, protecting America and all!

Lulu was just interested in doing other things. And, again, that's okay.

Everyone agrees that letting Lulu go, firing is just too harsh of a word, was the best decision.

And the best part is, her handler decided to adopt the bomb-sniffing school dropout.

And even though she won't be protecting our nation from bomb threats, she will continue being a lovable Labrador Retriever and will have plenty of jobs at home sniffing out treats, cuddles, and squirrels.


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Lulu the Bomb-Sniffing Dog Just Not Right for the Job, Fired by CIA