Bodega Cats Are the Most Authentic Part of NYC

Posted by Stacey Venzel
bodega cats

Whether or not you're a New Yorker, you'll probably enjoy these cats taking over NYC tiny corner stores.

The Bodega Cats account on Twitter has nearly 33,000 followers. That's because cats own the Internet, and also because people in New York City love shopping.

"Bodega" is Spanish for warehouse. Little stores around NYC are crammed with goodies, from snacks and toiletries to over-the-counter medication, newspapers, beer, sandwiches and even eggs and milk. They're kind of like everything you'd find at a gas station convenience store shoved into a shed.

But the signature yellow and red awning of a bodega is not just a calling card for cold cuts and beer. Bodegas have cats aplenty--though they're not for sale--and Twitter exists to tell us about it.

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Epic kitty adventures abound inside a NYC bodega, where newspaper stands are perfect for napping and waiting at the meat counter is a given.

Without further ado, behold a snippet of our most lovable four-legged city-dwellers in the Big Apple, and the signs that should probably accompany these cats.

"Cat not included."

"Choose your loaves wisely."

"ATM attendant speaks in purrs and meows only."

"How to literally tell if your cat is plotting to kill you."

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"Bean supervisor on nap duty."

"Mountain fresh water for the fanciest of pets."

"Will judge based on your purchases."

"Nip out of stock, limited cat supply."

"Now taking cold cut requests."

"King Crumb Snatcher."

"Here to sell you exotic fruits with unpronounceable names."

"Recently promoted in the Pet Department."

"Building Inspector."

"The irony is lost on him."

"Freshest salads on the market."

As these felines clearly show, cats enjoy awkward positions, unique hiding spots, and unknowingly setting us up for the perfect pun.

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Bodega Cats Are the Most Authentic Part of NYC