Bobo the Ginger Cat Is This Store's Best Employee

Posted by Amber King

Working hard or hardly working? This feline employee is a master at both.  

A small store in Chinatown, New York has had the same Employee of the Month for the past nine years. The prestigious position has been held by the store's most experienced employee: a fluffy ginger cat named Bobo.

When Bobo was a kitten, a kindhearted employee brought him into the store to keep him off the streets. That was all it took. From that day on, Bobo became the store's hardest working employee.

He helps with the weighing,

Crunches the numbers,

And inspects the merchandise.

When Annie Liao started working for the store in 2014, the two coworkers quickly became best friends.

Annie took on the responsibility of being Bobo's caregiver, and she even helped him start his very own Instagram account.

Because the world needs to see this face.

Annie says,

"Bobo's personality is calm and friendly. He is the only cat in the store. He's the king of the store!"

In all the years that Bobo has worked for the store, he has never called in sick or taken the day off. His incredible work ethic is rewarded with a substantial salary.

Bobo is often seen manning the front desk,

Checking the inventory,

And greeting his loyal customers.

Recently, the store's superstar has even been talking to reporters about his work.

Now that's a cat that deserves a raise!

After a long day of work, there's nothing this workaholic loves more than curling up for a well deserved cat nap.

But he can't break for too long, this cat has a job to do.

Keep up with Bobo's antics and retail duties by following him on Instagram.

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Bobo the Ginger Cat Is This Store's Best Employee