Blind Therapy Dog Doesn't Need Eyes to be Good at Her Job

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Every therapy dog has the power to plant smiles where they're least expected, but Harley has a little something extra.

When Harley was five years old, she lost her eyesight almost overnight. She developed a case of glaucoma, but instead of gradually getting worse, the yellow Lab went blind before anyone knew what was happening.

She couldn't see, but the glaucoma pain didn't go away. Her owners and a team of veterinarians tried eye drops and other attempts to give Harley some relief, but nothing worked.


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They desperately wanted to improve Harley's quality of life, so they started thinking about removing her eyes. While Harley was already blind, no one knew if the condition was permanent. Her family struggled to make the decision in case a new treatment would one day restore her vision, but the pain was becoming too much to handle. With Harley's best interests in mind, they scheduled the surgery and gave up hope that their dog would ever see again.

It was an emotional time for Harley and her family, but it didn't take long to realize they'd made the right decision. After coming home from the hospital, Harley was like a puppy again. She was free from pain and quickly adapted to life without eyes. Her tail never stopped wagging, and everyone was amazed by her joyful, positive attitude.

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Everyone who met Harley couldn't help but smile, and Harley's family realized their dog could do a lot of good in the world. They signed her up for training, and in a few months, Harley was a certified therapy dog.

It's now five years later, and Harley's favorite place to visit is the children's hospital. She walks down the halls visiting her friends and elicits smiles and giggles everywhere she goes. The hospital's patients are usually on bedrest recovering from surgery or admitted to the hospital for long-term care. They're sick and scared, but a visit from Harley changes everything.

The younger children think the blind dog is at the hospital to get treatment just like them, and everyone is inspired by her strength to overcome her disability. The children see Harley meeting new people and navigating her way around a room, and they realize how much the dog has overcome. Her hardships don't stop her tail from wagging, and she's proof that a positive attitude goes a long way.

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Blind Therapy Dog Doesn't Need Eyes to be Good at Her Job