Blind Goat Saved by Seeing Eye...Goat

Posted by Paige Cerulli

There's nothing better than great friends, and Marcia the blind goat is lucky enough to have a seeing eye goat in her friend, Maurice. 

A seeing eye...goat? Yes, that's right - there's such a thing. When Farm Sanctuary took in Marcia, a blind goat, they knew that she would need extra care in order to be safe and confident in her world. Goats are social, playful creatures, and not being able to see could restrict a goat from moving about freely like they would normally.

And that's where Maurice comes in. Maurice, a rescue goat, formed an instant bond with Marcia - the two were calling for each other as soon as Maurice arrived. They get along fabulously, and Maurice now acts as a seeing eye goat for Marcia.

The two goats are found side-by-side, exploring, playing, and traveling about their enclosure. Thanks for Maurice, Marcia is able to lead a fuller life with a great companion by her side.

Animals often serve as seeing eye guides for the blind. We all know that dogs are particularly talented in guiding blind people and keeping them safe, but did you know that miniature horses have also been trained to be seeing eye guides?

And it doesn't end there. Animals often work as seeing eye guides for each other. There are countless stories of horses going blind and a pasture mate stepping up to be their eyes. Some owners tie a bell onto a seeing animal to help provide guidance for a blind animal. Many animals can adapt to being blind quite well, including cats and dogs, especially if the blindness is a gradual, progressive issue.

One thing's for certain - these two goats are a perfect match!

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Blind Goat Saved by Seeing Eye...Goat