Blind Dog Rescued from California Woods After 8 Days

Posted by Amber King
Blind dog found in woods
KSBW8/Dan Estrada

A blind dog is safe at home thanks to a community of compassionate neighbors.

Beth Cole went to bed thinking her beloved Labrador Retriever was safely inside for the night. The dog, Sage, is part of the family, and Cole does everything she can to help the blind pup overcome her disability. But one night, earlier this year, Sage went missing.

There was a mix-up at home, and Sage was never brought inside. Instead of staying near the house, the blind dog decided to explore the nearby woods. Cole realized the devastating mistake the next morning, and she immediately jumped into action.

She started searching the area for signs of Sage, and she posted a "lost dog" advertisement on social media.

It didn't take long for her plea to spread across Facebook. Soon, the entire community knew to be on the lookout for the blind Lab. Neighbors posted kind remarks and volunteered to help Cole search the nearby area. But as the days turned into a week, it was hard not to lose hope.

While Sage had learned long ago how to live with her disability, an unfamiliar terrain put the blind dog in serious danger. The situation was made worse by recent mountain lion sightings and a quick drop in temperature.

Sage was missing for eight days when the unexpected happen. A fellow resident of San Lorenzo Valley, Dan Estrada, was out hiking with his friend Victor Lopez. They had their two dogs with them when they came across a stream near the bottom of a steep hill. In the stream, they saw Sage.

The yellow Lab wasn't moving, and Estrada and Lopez feared she was dead. As they got closer, however, Sage somehow sensed their presence and immediately perked up. She sniffed the air and lifted her head, and Estrada ran into the stream overwhelmed with relief. He hugged the sopping wet dog and helped her to her feet. She was weak and could't walk on her own, so Estrada lifted her onto his shoulders. Together, they made it out of the woods.

blind dog
KSBW8/Dan Estrada

Cole was shocked and overjoyed to hear that someone had seen her Facebook post and actually found her lost dog. It had been over a week since Sage wandered away from home, but Estrada and Lopez brought her back safe. The men refused Cole's offer of a $1,000 reward and instead requested she use the money as a donation to an animal welfare organization.

Sage's adventure turned into more than anyone bargained for, but thanks to a community of compassionate neighbors, the blind dog is safe in her owner's arms.

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Blind Dog Rescued from California Woods After 8 Days