This Blind Cat Plays Fetch Better Than Most Dogs

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When you watch this cat playing fetch, everything seems normal until you realize that you're actually watching a blind cat

When you think of a blind cat, you may assume that the cat is very limited in his abilities. He probably hangs around in the same places in the house, and doesn't run around or play very much.

But the blind cat in this video proves all of that wrong. In fact, this cat is incredibly good at navigating his home - he even plays fetch better than most dogs.

Take a look at the video below - you'll be impressed by this cat's skills. Until the cat gets close to the camera, you wouldn't even know that he's blind.

So how can this cat play fetch without being able to see? Cats are equipped with keen senses of smell and hearing. Since the toy is a crinkly toy which makes noise, this blind cat can quickly identify where the toy falls, much in the same way that he would hunt prey in the wild.

In truth, cats are well suited to be able to adapt to blindness. They are highly sensitive and can use their sense of smell and hearing to help determine what is around them. Cats are also equipped with whiskers, which can pick up on changes in air movement and essentially guide the cat around his surroundings. Because of this, cats can live quite comfortably even when they're blind.

If you're thinking of adopting a cat who is blind, then talk with the shelter about what accommodations you can make to help the cat adjust. You'll want to provide your cat with a safe space where he feels secure, and if you have other pets, then you'll need to make introductions safely and gradually. With a bit of time, blind cats can often get along just fine in your home.

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This Blind Cat Plays Fetch Better Than Most Dogs