To Blanket Your Horse or Not? There's an App for That

Posted by Allie Layos
SmartPak Blanketing App

"Does my horse need a blanket?" is one of the most frustrating questions to answer, but this app can help.

Fall is here, and while to most people it means beautiful leaves and hoodie weather, to equestrians it means struggling with the age-old question: Should my horse be wearing a blanket or not?

It's a difficult question because the answer isn't very straightforward, as this now-famous graphic from Auburn University illustrates. However, the company SmartPak has stepped up to help equestrians answer this confusing question with an innovative smartphone app.

The great app, known as the SmartPak Blanketing App, takes into consideration your horse's age, coat length, body condition, location, and stabling conditions. The blanket app then gives specific customized recommendations for your horse based on the local weather forecast for your specific city or town.

SmartPak Blanketing App
SmartPak Equine

The app is straightforward to use, and fun, allowing horse owners to upload a photo of each horse and move easily between them. It also includes general blanketing tips, blanket fitting tips, instructions on how to measure a blanket and fit tips, and a glossary of blanketing terms, a turnout schedule, blanket recommendations on different blanket types, and where to buy new blankets.

Of course, you should alway employ common sense when it comes to horses. If what your horse is showing you differs from the app's recommendation, decisions should always be based first on what your horse is telling you. Instead of a heavy weight, or medium weight blanket, maybe all they need is a turnout sheet.

The SmartPak app is FREE and can be downloaded on the SmartPak website. The new app is available for both iOS and Android. Happy blanketing!

What frustrates you most about blanketing? Share your thoughts below.

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To Blanket Your Horse or Not? There's an App for That