Blakely the Dog Raises Orphaned Zoo Babies

Posted by TF Oren

The orphaned baby animals at the Cincinnati Zoo have someone very special to take care of them.

His name is Blakely and he has four legs, a wet nose, and a tail. That's right. The Cincinnati Zoo's "Resident Nursery Companion" - an official title - is a dog.

For years, Blakely the dog has been playing the role of surrogate mama to zoo babies who have been abandoned by their mothers. Blakely's job is multifold. He's a nurturer, teacher, companion, and playmate to the babies in his care.

If there's anyone who understands the difference a little TLC can make in someone's life, it's Blakely. The five-year-old Australian Shepherd is a rescue himself. So, he's the perfect guy for the job.

Currently, Blakely is raising a litter of cheetah cubs whose mother died giving birth. However, his past charges have included wallabies, foxes, ocelots, and warthogs. After all, a baby in need, is a baby in need, and Blakely doesn't discriminate.

Watch this golden-hearted nanny pooch in action:

Blakely is a living example of the fact that animal rescue changes lives. He could have spent the remainder of his days in a shelter, but thanks to someone who gave him a chance, he's got a new lease on life and he's making an impact, one baby at a time.

You can read more about Blakely's work with the zoo's orphaned baby animals here.

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Blakely the Dog Raises Orphaned Zoo Babies