Even 50-Pound Black-Throated Monitors Need Snuggles

Posted by Samantha Bubar

Pets of all shapes and sizes love snuggles.

If you share your love with a pet, you've been subject to both convenient and inconvenient snuggles. A dog that needs your lap during a thunderstorm or your favorite show. A cat that wants love as soon as you get dressed for work, or when you're tucked in bed reading.

It isn't just furry pets that want snuggles. Our scaly pets sometimes need snuggles, too.

Take this 50-pound black-throated monitor, Big Boy, for example.

There's no question about where Big Boy got his name, considering he's around five feet long.

Native to Tanzania, black-throated monitors possess a very calm disposition. Which means they make great pet reptiles who loves cuddles.

Big Boy clearly just wants to take a snooze with his dad. It is important to note, however, that some reptiles, when property trained and handled from a very young age, love this type of interaction. Other reptiles do not love this type of handling.

Black-throated monitors and other reptiles can turn hostile if not handled often. They can hiss and puff up to tell you they've had enough. They may also use their long muscular tail as a whip if you get too close for their comfort.

It is important to know your reptile and what they do and do not enjoy, and to be considerate. Research proper handling techniques and note signs of stress or anger. Be considerate of each individual and their specific needs. And provide cuddles when they want them!

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Even 50-Pound Black-Throated Monitors Need Snuggles