This Black Lab's Tennis Ball Dream Finally Comes True

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When this dog's tennis ball dream comes true, he can barely contain his excitement at this special treat. 

Most dogs love tennis balls. In fact, the more tennis balls you have around, the better. After all, a tennis ball is simply an entrancing toy. It bounces, it changes directions, and it's totally great to chew on.

This black Lab's owners make their dog's tennis ball dream finally come true, and he couldn't be happier. When a tennis instructor gave the family 300 used tennis balls, it was obvious what they would have to do with them. The video below is the result.

I think that's one happy dog!

As much fun as tennis balls are for dogs, there are some hidden dangers that you need to be aware of. Dogs can chew the linings off of the tennis balls, and if they're determined, they can even bite pieces off of the ball.

If your dog swallows the lining or pieces of the ball, these foreign objects can become lodged in your dog's intestines, creating a life-threatening blockage. Your dog will need surgery to remove the blockage, and there's no guarantee that he'll survive the condition.

It's also important to know that tennis balls can be a potential choking hazard to dogs. When you throw a tennis ball to your dog, it's possible for the ball to slide down the back of his mouth and into his throat when he tries to catch the ball. This is more of a risk to larger dogs with larger mouths, but is a risk that all dog owners should be aware of.

If a ball becomes caught in your dog's mouth or throat, try to slide your hand along the outside of his throat to bring the ball back up, then reach into his mouth to retrieve the ball.

In short, tennis balls can be fun toys for dogs, but it's important to supervise your dog while he's playing and put all tennis balls away once playtime is finished.

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This Black Lab's Tennis Ball Dream Finally Comes True