Black Cat Saves Family from Deadly Fire

Posted by Jason Sarna
Black cat fire save

Luna the cat is defying stereotypes by proving that not all black cats are bad luck!

A black cat named Luna saved a family of eight when their home went up in flames due to an electrical fire.

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The family lost nearly everything in the fire, but they were all able to escape with their lives thanks to their cat who woke everyone up before it was too late.

Emily Chappell-Root, who didn't want the cat at first, is thankful more than ever for her feline friend.

"She was insistent, you're getting up. I got up and walked out the bedroom door and got a few steps down the hallway and realized there were flames licking around the door frame into the kitchen," said Chappell-Root.

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With no time to spare, Chappell-Root woke up her six children ranging in age from seven months to 10 years old, who were sleeping in the living room for a slumber party. Her oldest son, also jumped into action.

"He carried his little brother out of the house," she said.

The mattress where the kids were sleeping is now just charred metal coils. The living room was also gutted by the fire.

Chappell-Root's husband had no idea of the drama unfolding at his home as he was driving home from work.

"I flew up the street. I don't even remember how fast I was going and the first thing out of my mouth was where is my wife, where are my children?" he said.

To his amazement, his children and wife were all fine thanks to a black cat named Luna.

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Black Cat Saves Family from Deadly Fire