34 Endemic Birds to Look Out For in Hawaii

Posted by Christy Caplan
Laysan Albatross

Many of the indigenous bird species that remain are struggling to maintain their populations in the Aloha state. 

One of our fave facts is their beautiful state bird. The official bird of the state of Hawaiʻi, the nene, is exclusively found in the wild on the islands of Oahu, Maui, Kauaʻi, Molokai, and Hawaiʻi.

All these Hawaiian birds are on the list of many birders who visit the islands throughout the year. We've introduced birds that are commonly added to the must-see list for visitors. Whether you're visiting the Big Island or Honolulu, there are a number of resources you can check in advance like the Audubon sites.

If you're hoping to make a list of forest birds, seabirds, tropic birds, or a specific bird like the Hawaiian crow, you can also talk to local birders or the birding community. The native birds here are all majestic.

Native birds of Hawaii: 34 current species

1. Nene (Hawaiian Goose)

2. Laysan Duck

3. Hawaiian Duck (Koloa maoli)

4. Hawaiian Coot

5. Laysan Albatross

6. Black-footed albatross

"Standing out from other albatrosses, this smaller beauty has dark plumage and black feet for which it is named. When it's not soaring over the ocean blue searching for fish and squid, it is breeding in the remote Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. It thwarts off predators by screaming at them. Like other albatrosses, this species forms lifelong bonds and performs elaborate courtship displays."

7. Hawaiian Petrel

    8. Bonin Petrel

      9. Newell's Shearwater

        10. Hawaiian Hawk

          11. Kauaʻi ʻElepaio

            12. Oʻahu ʻElepaio

              13. Hawaiʻi ʻElepaio

                14. Millerbird

                  15. 'Ōma'o

                    16. Puaiohi

                    "If you ever hope to see the puaiohi, you'll need to visit the Alakaʻi Wilderness Preserve on the island of Kaua'i where it is protected. Together with the ʻōmaʻo above, it is the last of the remaining native thrush birds of Hawaii. It has the same colors as the ʻōmaʻo except that the puaiohi is heavily spotted. Its name comes from the high-pitched call that males make at twilight."

                    17. ʻAkikiki

                      18. Oʻahu ʻAlauahio

                        19. Maui 'Alauahio

                        20. Palila

                            21. Laysan Finch

                              22. Nihoa Finch

                                23. ʻAkohekohe

                                  24. ʻApapane

                                  25. ʻIʻiwi

                                    26. Maui Parrotbill

                                      27. ʻAkiapolaʻau

                                        28. Anianiau

                                          29. Hawaiʻi ʻAmakihi

                                          30. Oʻahu ʻAmakihi

                                            31. Kauaʻi ʻAmakihi

                                              32. Hawaiʻi Creeper

                                                33. 'Akeke'e

                                                  34. Hawaiʻi ʻAkepa

                                                    These birds are remarkable if you get the chance to see them on the islands.

                                                    How many bird species in Hawaii?

                                                    More than 300! More than 350 bird species have been recorded in the Hawaiian islands. 

                                                    Hawaii has the oldest known wild bird in the U.S. 

                                                    Laysan Albatross

                                                    Like other albatrosses, this species mate for life, but females are known to form bonds with each other when caring for their young. By the way, experts say there is a female Laysan albatross, named Wisdom, which is approximately 68 years old, making it the "oldest known wild bird in the United States."

                                                    Don't miss out on the Hawaii creeper, Hawaiian stilt, and tern!

                                                    Have you ever seen or heard of these wild birds? Please leave us a comment below!

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