Bird Rips Paper to Make Itself New Paper Tail Feathers

Posted by Daphne Cybele
Piper the Peach Faced Lovebird

This lovebird's interesting paper tail feathers are actually part of its nesting behavior.

Peach-faced lovebirds are known to be alert and mischievous, with a clown-like personality. Typically, they are green with a peach coloration on their head, cheeks, and throat. There are color mutations from green, ranging from white to blue, yellow, violet, and almost black.

In the video below, Piper the lovebird is ripping up paper and tucking the strips into her feathers to create new paper tail feathers. Or is she?

These paper tail feathers are the totally genius way that female lovebirds gather nesting material and transport it to their nest. Scientists believe this lovebird behavior is an ancestral trait.

Let's get to the video!

Basic Lovebird Facts

Peach-faced lovebirds are typically about six inches tall, but have a big "parrot-like" personality. They are attention seekers and need an owner who can spend quality time interacting with them on a daily basis. They also need a large living space. Owners without an aviary will need to give them plenty of time out of their cage.

Peach-faced lovebirds typically chatter and whistle, but talking lovebirds are rare. They live about 12-15 years.

There are nine species of lovebirds and several things they all have in common:

  • They mate for life as a monogamous pair
  • They pine or mourn at the loss of their partner
  • They feed each other to establish a bond
  • They nest in holes or cavities, sometimes even hollows in cacti
paper tail feathers lovebird
Photo: Wikipedia

Although these birds are native to Africa, the American southwest and San Francisco have wild populations of these birds from escaped pets.

Are you totally charmed and thinking of getting a bird? Before you do, be sure to do your homework, as birds are not easy pets!

Follow more of Piper's adventures on her owner's Tumblr.

Do you have a peach-faced lovebird? Let us know in the comments below!

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Bird Rips Paper to Make Itself New Paper Tail Feathers