20 Birds of Massachusetts Seen Throughout Spring and Summer

Posted by Christy Caplan
Downy Woodpecker

The birds featured in this list are some of the most common species seen throughout spring and summer in Massachusetts.

According to the Massachusetts Audubon, bird populations vary with the season:

"For instance, there are some years when most, if not all, of the summering chickadees, Blue Jays, and other "resident" birds are replaced by a different wintering population. Because individuals of a species look pretty much the same, shifts in feeding birds usually go unnoticed except when concentrations become unusually large or when the out-going visitors are not immediately replaced by a new group of hungry customers."

Here are 2o common birds you'll see during the spring and summer seasons when bird watching is so popular.

1. American Goldfinches

2. American Robins

3. Baltimore Orioles

4. Black-capped Chickadees

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Baby Carolina Chickadee!

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5. Blue Jays

6. Brown-headed Cowbirds

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Male Cowbird looking like someone out of a horror movie. I have a lot of Cowbirds here, which is bad news for all the other birds. Cowbirds historically followed cattle around, thus the name. Because of that, they do not build nests. Instead, they lay their eggs in other bird’s nests and rely on the foster parents to raise their young. Why is this bad? They sometimes kick the original eggs out of the nest, and their chicks are larger and stronger - they often kick the other chicks out and exhaust the foster parents. Some birds are on to the game though, and recognize a foreign egg and toss it out, but many do not. The Cowbirds arrived in February with the Red-Winged Blackbirds, and I suspect they may be parasitizing their nests. This all sounds horrible, but “it is what it is,” and it’s a fascinating adaptation, and one I appreciate, even if I don’t like it. Plus, he looks pretty cool, doesn’t he? #thebackyardzoologist #backyardzoology #backyardzoologist #ornithology #birdsofinstagram #birdwatching #birdwatchers #birdphotography #birdlovers #cowbird #cowbirds #parasite #communityscience #zoologist #zoology #tullyny #wildlife #wildlifephotography #nybirds #birdsofny #nywildlife #canihelpyou #horrormovies #darkbird #conservationist #nature #naturalist #conservation #wildlifeconservation

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7. Carolina Wrens

8. Cedar Waxwings

9. Chipping Sparrows

10. Common Grackles

11. Downy Woodpeckers

12. Eastern Phoebes

13. European Starlings

14. Great Blue Herons

15. Northern Cardinals

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Northern Cardinal

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16. Northern Mockingbirds

17. Mourning Doves

18. Red-winged Blackbirds

19. White-breasted Nuthatches

20. Warbler

Other birds from Massachusetts?

Check out vultures, hummingbirds, Sandpiper, Grebe, Junco, Thrush, Shorebirds, Loon, Eastern bluebird, Eider, Teal, White-throated Sparrow, Tree Sparrow, Egret, Northern Flicker, Piping Plover, Black Vulture, and Blue Grosbeak.

Have you ever seen these birds? Please leave us a comment below!

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20 Birds of Massachusetts Seen Throughout Spring and Summer