'Billy and Blaze' Is Going to Be a Movie and Your Horse Could Star

Posted by Paige Cerulli
Billy and blaze movie

If you and your horse would like to try out your acting skills, the upcoming filming of the movie version of Billy and Blaze might be the perfect chance.

Reading the "Billy and Blaze" series by C.W. Anderson was a rite of passage for most horse lovers. The books became beloved aspects of horse-crazy children's lives, with their exciting stories and gorgeous illustrations. Who didn't want to join Billy the little boy and his beloved horse Blaze on one of their many adventures? Well, now you can.

"Billy and Blaze" is coming to the big screen, and the first Blaze book of the series is being turned into a movie. Shooting will take place at the Warrenton Horse Show Grounds in Warrenton, Virginia, and will take place in late October or early November.

Billy and Blaze
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The producers are looking for extras - both horses and humans - to participate in the shoot. The movie is set at a small town horse show in the late 1930s, so period attire and tack will be needed. Extras can even bring leashed dogs and children.

There's a need for horse carts and carriages, period cars, and a 1930s horse trailer and vehicle. Additionally, the producers need people and horses willing to serve the roles of spectators, competitors, and more. Keep in mind that if you bring a horse, you won't always be filmed riding, as there's need for shots of people grooming, unloading, and preparing horses for the show ring, too.

Monochrome image of horses on the nature. Black and white background photo

Both volunteer and paid extras will be in attendance. All extras must wear period attire, but those who are paid must commit to choreographed actions in scenes, which they may have to repeat during each take. Volunteer extras don't have to make any time commitment during the filming.

Think you and your horse are up to the task? You'll need to submit a photo of yourself and your horse in 1930s period attire and tack. During the time period, and given the small town setting, the attire could range from casual to fine. Take a look at the book's illustrations to get a sense of what would be appropriate.

Email your photos to [email protected] for approval. And good luck!


Did you read the 'Billy and Blaze' series when you were a kid? Tell us what you think of the delightful series in the comments below.
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'Billy and Blaze' Is Going to Be a Movie and Your Horse Could Star