Biker Saves Little Dog Dodging Mexico City Traffic

Posted by Amber King
dog running through raffic

A wild dash through traffic had a happy ending thanks to one determined biker.

The chaotic streets of Mexico City are no place for a dog, but that's exactly where a scared pooch ended up earlier this week. A cyclist with a camera was riding through the busy metropolitan area when he suddenly saw a small dog streak into traffic dragging the leash behind.

Without hesitation, the cyclist starts peddling faster to try and catch up with the runaway dog. He dutifully follows the dog as it leads him in between lanes and past cars and large vehicles. Most of the city drivers don't notice the tiny dog sprinting by their tires, and the biker continuously yells out to get their attention.

A couple of tense moments show the dog disappearing between tires only to appear again unharmed. Eventually, the dog takes the chase to a smaller side street and finally starts heading toward the sidewalk. It doesn't slow its pace, however, and the cyclist struggles to keep up with the surprisingly speedy pup.

Closer to the sidewalk, the biker yells out to pedestrians asking them to grab the dog. Several people make desperate attempts, but it's a builder standing on the sidewalk who finally makes the catch. He swipes at the dog's body and misses but quickly lunges for the trailing leash to pull the dog to safety.

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Out of breath from the wild chase, the cyclist is grateful for the help. Besides being tired from the full-on sprint, the dog seems to be unharmed. The wild trip through Mexico City could have had a different ending if the courageous biker didn't pedal into action. It's not known if the biker was able to reunite the dog with its owner, but luck seems to be on their side.

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Biker Saves Little Dog Dodging Mexico City Traffic