Bicyclist Comes Upon Kitten in Need of Help, Takes Her Along for the Ride

Posted by Paige Cerulli
bike rider and kitten
Viitor Fonseca via Facebook

When a bicyclist comes upon a kitten, he can't bear to leave her behind so he takes her on her first bike ride. 

Brazilian cyclist Viitor Fonseca spends a lot of time on his bike, but one particular ride is sure to stand out in his mind for years.

During a recent ride, Fonseca encountered a stray kitten who clearly needed some help. But he was on his racing bike, which has no baskets or other places to carry a kitten.

Not wanting to leave the kitten behind, Fonseca improvised, putting the kitten in the only place he could think of where she'd be safe for the ride.

Salvando uma pequena vida hoje ❤🐱😻

Posted by Viitor Fonseca on Saturday, May 13, 2017

It seems that the kitten was quite content being tucked into Fonseca's shirt. Maybe she knew she was being rescued? Maybe she just liked the feel of the wind in her hair? Who knows, but the video that Fonseca captured of the trip is absolutely adorable.

Olha ele ai ??❤??

Posted by Viitor Fonseca on Sunday, May 14, 2017

As if this story weren't delightful enough, it even has a happy ending. Fonseca was able to find the kitten a new home. But we're pretty sure that neither of them will ever forget that special bicycle ride.

Tell us what you think of this adorable rescue in the comments below!

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Bicyclist Comes Upon Kitten in Need of Help, Takes Her Along for the Ride