Bichos Raros Is a Disabled Pet Haven in Spain

Posted by Stacey Venzel
All photos via Bichos Raros/Facebook.

Dogs on wheels roam Bichos Raros disabled animal rescue in Madrid.

Amid the salsa dancing, cerveza, and performers lining Madrid's plazas lies a disabled dog's paradise--or really any dog or dog lover's paradise.

Bichos Raros--literally "rare beasts"--is a sanctuary for wheelchair-ridden canines. The sanctuary states:

"Bichos Raros is an organization formed with disabled animals in mind so that we can give them the opportunity to live a life of dignity."


The facility has dozens of pups cruising on wheels like Danica Patrick and Jeff Gordon.

Varying in all shapes and sizes, the rescued menagerie tugs at your heartstrings and puts a smile on your face.


Complete with a pool where the dogs can practice their hydrotherapy sessions, Bichos Raros is committed to giving these canines a happy and memorable lifetime.

Many of the pooches are up for adoption.


Taking on a disabled pet has its hardships, but the payoff is far greater than any struggles. Dogs like those at Bichos Raros and other animals on wheels remind us what determination is really all about.


Follow Bichos Raros on Facebook or visit their website to make a donation.

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All photos via Bichos Raros/Facebook.

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Bichos Raros Is a Disabled Pet Haven in Spain