Best Nativity Scene We've Ever Seen Is Filled with Cute Dogs

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dog Nativity scene
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Away in a manger lay a little puppy and a bunch of cute dogs.

Wait a second...that's not how it goes. But that's the story Wags to Riches Pet Services in England is sticking with this holiday season.

Earlier this month, the pet services set up a doggy nativity scene, and when they posted the photo to social media, people couldn't get enough.

Jo Kingston, who runs the pet service, told BBC she was shocked at how quickly the image went viral.

She said:

"I woke up and somebody tagged me in this photo saying, 'Jo, you've gone viral.' I've had so many people messaging me."


Since the photo was posted online, journalists from all over the world have been contacting the pet services, but according to the organization, they aren't going to let the fame go to their heads.

Wow what an end to the year it's been!! We are so completely amazed as to how our photo went viral and have had so much...

Posted by Wags To Riches Pet Services - Mountsorrel on Saturday, December 23, 2017

When asked how she came up with the idea of the adorable pooches, Kingston said, "I'd seen it on the Internet before, I'm not the first to do it."

Whatever the case, the holy scene of the three wise men, Joseph and Mary, complete with puppy baby Jesus is one of the best and cutest nativity scenes we've ever seen!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

What do you think of this dog nativity scene? Tell us in the comments!

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Best Nativity Scene We've Ever Seen Is Filled with Cute Dogs