Best Horse Mounting Fail If There Ever Was One

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Mounting a horse doesn't have to be fancy. 

When you ride horses, there is always room for things to go wrong. Horses trip, gravity happens, and sometimes our own sense of balance simply seems to go on vacation. No matter how much riding experience you have, sometimes you have ungraceful moments that you hope no one was around to see. Luckily for us, someone was around to capture this horse mounting fail on video.

There are mounting fails, and then there are mounting fails. This video right here? It's a true mounting fail. To be honest, the guy in this video was kind of asking for it. He's mounting up in a stunt-like way, but doesn't quite possess the athletic ability to fully pull off the trick. Just take a look for yourself.

This rider is lucky - the stunt could have ended much more poorly. Let's say it right now - mounting your horse by running up behind him and vaulting onto his rear end is a bad idea. Even if you've spent time training and desensitizing your horse to your vaulting mount, you still never know if your horse will spook or kick out, trying to defend himself. It's just a risky thing to do.

Mounting can be hard on your horse's back. This particular vaulting mount causes the rider to land with all of his weight on his horse's back, which can't be comfortable for the horse. But even mounting from the ground by pulling the saddle to the side can put extra strain on your horse's spine. For a less harmful way to get on, always use a mounting block or get on from an object, like a fence post. This will reduce the strain on your horse's back.

Even though you've mounted up thousands of times, sometimes things still go awry. Don't worry, we promise not to look.

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Best Horse Mounting Fail If There Ever Was One