Best Goat Videos of 2016, So Far

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best goat videos january 2016

Here are five of the best goat videos uploaded in far. 

There's nothing like a good goat video to start your year off right! We have found the very best goat vids of that have been uploaded in 2016, including funny goats, baby goats and clever goats!

1. Goat Puppy Butt

Here is a goat with the tail of a puppy...Just kidding! It's an adorable play fight between a puppy and a goat kid.

2. Goat Makes Weirdest Noises

These noises may sound weird to our human ears, but if you were a female goat they would sound like Barry Manilow!

3. Screaming Goat

Now who wouldn't want to wake up to this in the morning?

4. Funny Baby Goat

This little cutie loves her milk, just look at that tail go!

5. Goat Feeding Time at the Field O' Dreams Farm

Watch as their adorable rectangular eyes light up when their humans show up for feeding time.

The year has barely started so we can expect many more goat videos for 2016! But now you've had a headstart...

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Best Goat Videos of 2016, So Far