When You Have the Ultimate Farm Animal Entourage

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Watch a herd of barnyard pets follow their owner on a walk!

Not only does this video showcase a lot of animals, but it also exhibits a number of animal sounds! It's like Lion King on the farm for this country family.

From dogs to chickens to ducks and goats, a walk is no ordinary task for this owner. This is the best farm walk ever!

If you could have four different types of pets follow you around, which ones would you choose?

Just when you think the animals have stopped running across the lawn, a group of goats steal the show!

Ducklings are known to imprint on humans, and of course, a dog's special bond with its owner has made its way into countless storybooks. But goats and chickens seem to know who their human is, too!

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When You Have the Ultimate Farm Animal Entourage