Best Cat Videos of 2016, So Far

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Here are the best kitty vids uploaded in far. 

Want to see the best in recent kitty cinema? We've gathered the cutest, funniest and most interesting videos with our favorite furry friends in them from the beginning months of 2016.

1. Monkey vs. Cat

Here's a funny and cute compilation of videos of cats and monkeys playing with each other.

2. Cat as Monkey:

Now that you have seen cats vs. monkeys, here is a cat wearing a monkey costume! Also check out our feature on this cute video here.

3. Boomer in the Ball Pit

Boomer the kitty having a grand ol' time in his kitty ball pit.

4. Scaredy Cat Surprised by a Toaster

This one speaks for itself. Hilarious!

5. Frozen Kitty Lives

This is the amazing story of a snow white kitten with frosty blue eyes found almost lifeless in the snow who was nursed back to life.

We have quite a while until 2017, so you can bet that there will be many more great cat videos uploaded. Check back here for your daily cat video dose!

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Best Cat Videos of 2016, So Far