Benefits of Adopting an Adult Pet

Posted by Glorimar Anibarro

Less stress, more fun. That's what you get when you bring home an older version of that puppy in the window.

When we think of adopting a pet, the image of a puppy, kitten, or a baby bunny comes to mind. And while having the opportunity to see your pet grow into adulthood is a wonderful experience, it may not necessarily be the right choice for you.

Babies require a lot of time. They are bundles of energy looking for places and objects to release it to. You have to become a parent and teacher and help them through the process of learning to use the litter box or waiting to go outside to do their business.

It is fun, but time consuming. Do you have the time for all this?

Puppy And Kitten

If the answer is a shameful no, don't feel bad there are still plenty of healthy, loving pets looking for a home. Only these are adult ones, and they are ready for a place in your heart.

First things first: adult doesn't mean senior (though those are excellent too!). An adult dog is only a year old, six months for cats and bunnies. Young enough to be with you for many years, old enough not to pee on the carpet.

Which is great if your work keeps you in the office for long hours. Of course your pet will miss you and will need petting and exercise when you do get home, but probably won't trash the place in the meantime.

There are also no surprises when it comes to size and personality. You pretty much know how big they already are.

Not talking here, but when choosing a pet your lifestyle is part of the decision. Because if you're the quiet type who reads or writes for hours, adopting a puppy thinking that she will "grow out of the hyper phase" is a guessing game.

She may calm down or stay extremely energetic, breaking your concentration constantly. When you meet adult pets what you see is what you get.

Three Happy Young Children Snuggling With Pet Dog In BedHave kids? No better pet than an adult one. A puppy next to your baby will look adorable as your profile pic, but can you imagine the amount of energy those two creatures need to release?

The older version will have the patience to play with the baby and also when to say enough and go take a nap in a different room. Makes for a less stressful environment.

And let's not forget, you are saving a life! Yes, adult pets are adopted less than their baby counterparts; lots of them spend years in the shelter waiting for that special someone to give them a chance.

Be their superhero and bring them home.

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Benefits of Adopting an Adult Pet