Bella the Boxer Absolutely Hates Doing Chores and Isn't Afraid of Saying So

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Bella the Boxer is convinced that she'll hate doing chores, and she's not afraid to let her owner know how she feels. 

Meet Bella. She's a sweet Boxer who loves to talk... but who hates doing chores. Bella carefully listens to her owner as she suggests some chores, but Bella is always prepared with a very vocal response.

Fact is, Bella just wants to play. And can we really blame her? We don't like doing chores, either.

Take a look at this adorable conversation that Bella has with her owner.

Some dogs hate chores, sure, but there are other chores that your dog will probably enjoy. Let your dog help you take out the recycling - give him a bottle that he can help carry on his own.

When it's time to rake leaves, your dog will probably love to help you - though he might undo most of your raking, so be prepared. Many dogs love to help their owners water the lawn, and if you have any gardening to do, your dog may be thrilled to get down in the dirt and help you dig.

So, chores don't always have to be unpleasant. Though we wonder if we'd ever be able to convince Bella the Boxer of that.

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