Beer Burros Are a Thing in Texas Hill Country Weddings

Posted by Mateja Lane
All images via Texas Hill Country Events/Facebook

Who else better to bring you beer at a wedding than a donkey?

"Beer burros" was an idea that started taking hold in 2015 when wedding planners in the Texas Hill Country wanted to incorporate donkeys into the celebrations.

Alisha Randig works for Hill Country Events in Dripping Springs and says she's used to people requesting strange things when it comes to events in the wedding capital of Texas. The donkey idea was introduced when Salt Lick, arguably the most popular barbecue in the Hill Country, approached Randig and said they were getting requests for donkeys to serve guests at weddings.

Randig then bought two donkeys, Annie Oakley and John Wayne, and got to work. It took two months before the donkeys were trained to carry packsaddles. The donkeys then learned to carry alcohol, party favors, and food around the event on their backs.

It didn't take long for the idea of beer burros to take off.


Beer burros are now a common sight at many events in the Texas Hill Country. Not only do the guests love the sweet donkeys, the donkeys also love being the center of attention.

"The behavior of donkeys is interesting. They're similar to a dog. They enjoy the companionship of their owners. They cuddle and are compassionate," Randig said.

"They enjoy the weddings and taking photos."

If you are planning a wedding in the Texas Hill Country, you can reach out to Texas Hill Country Events and have your own beer burros serving your guests.

They might be better than a catering service!

What do you think about cute donkeys as wedding guests? Let us know in the comments below!

All images via Texas Hill Country Events/Facebook

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