Horse Beautifully Understands Boy with Williams Syndrome

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When a young boy with Williams Syndrome meets this horse, their interaction is absolutely magical. 

Anyone who rides horses already knows how amazing these animals are. Horses seem to have an intuitive sense of what we need, and their presence can calm, reassure, and comfort us. They often appear to understand what even we don't know - sometimes it's like they're reading our minds.

Watching this horse interact with this boy with Williams Syndrome, it's even more apparent how powerfully horses can change lives.

Williams Syndrome is a genetic condition which often causes cardiovascular disease, developmental delays, and other medical problems. This young boy isn't sure what to make of this gentle palomino at first, but be sure to watch the video all the way through. When the two connect, you'd better have your tissues ready.

This palomino is the perfect example of how horses can read and adjust themselves to people. Watch the horse's eye and body posture - he maintains a soft eye, a relaxed expression, and a very calm stance, even as he steps toward the boy.

The boy's energy is clearly elevated at the beginning of the video, but when he connects with the horse and touches the horse's leg, his energy decreases and he seems more self-assured.

More and more programs harness the horse's energy to help people today. Therapeutic riding programs use the horse's movement to help with physical and emotional issues.

Equine assisted learning helps people to learn about themselves and about interaction with others by watching the horse's reactions and behavior. In both cases, horses help people make progress and reach achievements that they might not otherwise attain.

It's hard to deny the power that horses have when working with people. They can build confidence, teach, calm, empower, and relax us. In short, we're so lucky to have them in our lives.

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Horse Beautifully Understands Boy with Williams Syndrome