Bearded Dragon Joins Police Force in Arizona (Sort Of)

Posted by Allie Layos
All images via Avondale Police Dept/Facebook

This bearded dragon was recently "sworn in" to an Arizona police department and it was brilliant. 

A recent Facebook post by the Avondale Arizona Police Department has been garnering national attention for a bearded dragon named Iroh.

The story began on April 13, when the department made a Facebook post featuring a lizard being "sworn in" by Chief Nannenga. "Iroh is now official!" the post read. It included two photos of the swearing in ceremony, complete with badge and all.

Iroh and Chief Nannenga

Iroh, who actually belongs to police dispatcher Veronica Rojas, is no stranger to the Avondale Police Department and its followers. He has been part of the department since April Fool's Day last year, when he was introduced on social media as a "drug-sniffing lizard."

The original post was such a hit that Iroh began popping up in other posts, all around the department -- working with dispatchers, proofreading paperwork for fellow officers, and helping motorcycle cops catch speeding cars with a radar gun.

Sadly for Iroh fans, the latest ceremony was just part of a late April Fool's Day prank, staged to bring attention to the department's Facebook page. But Iroh fans need not fear -- it doesn't look like he'll be disappearing any time soon.

Iroh on police officer's shoulder

"He's kind of transformed into our mascot now for our department," Ray Emmett of Avondale Police Department, said in an interview with Fox 10.

"It's kind of a great way to when we do put him on social media, we can show different areas of the department people don't think about all the time."

What was your favorite April Fool's Day prank? Tell us below!

All images via Avondale Police Dept/Facebook

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Bearded Dragon Joins Police Force in Arizona (Sort Of)