Battle of the Covers: How to Convince Your Significant Other to Let the Dog in Bed

Posted by Amber King
Man and his dog comfortably sleeping in

Puppy snuggles are always the best way to end your day.

As your best friend, your dog enjoys certain life privileges. He accompanies you everywhere you go, he sees you at your best and at your worst, and he always gets the last bite of your sandwich. But what happens at bedtime?

According to the American Pet Products Association, 62% of small dogs, 41% of medium dogs, and 32% of large dogs sleep curled up next to their owners enjoying unlimited bed privileges.

Pups and their parents sleep soundlessly together every night, but when you throw a human significant other into the mix, things get more complicated. Mattress space turns into prime real estate, and the battle over the bed doesn't always end well for the dog. But when visions of sleepy puppy dogs keep you up at night, kicking your dog out of bed simply isn't an option.

If you're waging a bedtime battle, these seven points are guaranteed to earn you (and your dog) victory.

Dogs Relieve Stress and Anxiety

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Did you remember to send that important email before you left the office? Did you really respond with "you too" when that waitress said, "enjoy your meal?" Did you leave the oven on?

Okay, you should definitely go check your oven, but when your mind won't shut off, and you're left lying in bed wide awake, a dog will help put you to sleep. It's been proven that a dog's presence effectively relieves stress and reduces anxiety, leading to a better night's rest.

A Sleeping Dog Is Irresistibly Cute

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Your dog is cute 24/7, but when his eyes start to droop and his body relaxes, your pooch slips into cuteness overdrive. Your phone's camera roll is already full of pictures of your dog's adorable sleeping positions, because every time he closes his eyes, you simply can't help yourself.

Your significant other most likely agrees with you on this point, so all you have to do is convince them that their sleep schedule will only benefit from that amount of cuteness.

Letting Your Dog in Bed Is Like Having an Alarm System

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A good percentage of dog owners claim their canine buddies make them feel safer. Having your pooch in bed lets you keep that security when you're most vulnerable. You dog's ears are significantly more sensitive than yours, and if an ax-wielding intruder tries to break down your door, they'll alert you of the situation even if they aren't trained in protection.

Having a dog in your bed will make you feel safer than having a baseball bat under your pillow.

It's Like Having a Portable Space Heater

Are you one of those people who can't sleep unless the air surrounding your blankets is more akin to the Arctic Tundra than a bedroom? Is your partner?

If you're tired of arguing over room temperature, it's time to let the dog in bed. Their fuzzy little bodies hover around 102 degrees Fahrenheit, making them the perfect compromise when you and your partner can't agree on an AC setting.

It Will Make the Dog Feel Happy and Secure

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Be sure to remind your significant other that your dog is the only living creature that loves them unconditionally (besides you, of course). All they want to do in life is show you love and receive love in return.

Let your pup stare sadly from the floor, or whatever alternative sleeping arrangement is set up for them, and the guilt will soon set in. It won't take long for those puppy dog eyes to claim victory.

You and Your Partner Get to Snuggle More

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If you and your partner really are at odds about letting the dog in bed, they'll likely claim that the dog takes up too much room. When this happens, you have the perfect response.

Your dog may be a bed hog, but less room simply means you and your partner get to snuggle more. Which is, of course, great for your relationship. Checkmate.

Whether or not your dog sleeps in bed with you should always be a joint decision between you and your significant other. But that doesn't mean you can't use these arguments to express your opinion.

When your pooch is peacefully snoozing by your side, both you and your partner will know letting the dog in bed is worth it.

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Battle of the Covers: How to Convince Your Significant Other to Let the Dog in Bed