It's Bath Time for Gus the Guinea Pig!

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Watch Gus get pampered before, during, and after his bath in the sink!

Guinea pigs love to eat and explore, which means they can get themselves dirty enough to warrant a bath. While rodents do clean themselves in that adorable balled-up, paw-rubbing way, sometimes they need a bath when they're in human care.

White guinea pigs like Gus in the video below also get their chins stained from their food--green from grass and lettuce, orange from carrots, and red from the occasional strawberry. An extra scrub can help bring back that white shine.

They eat flowers, too, as Gus shows by nibbling on flowers as a pre-bath snack. Dandelions are a special treat during outside play time, leaving yellow chins on cavies.

Watch Gus tolerate bath time... and the hair dryer:

Gus even warms up to the hair dryer at the end!

It is important to dry off rodents quickly after bath time and not rely on air drying. Their small size leads to them getting easily chilled. The blow dryer can be on a low setting to minimize startling your pet. Bundling your rodent in dry towels after the hair dryer will also keep them warm, and they can burrow to their heart's content!

Be sure to listen to the sounds your pig is making in situations they might not be accustomed to, like bathing. A guinea pig's squeaks and wheeks can tell an owner a lot about what the animal is feeling. All animals have their own language for communicating!

Like their other rodent siblings, guinea pigs are low-maintenance pets. Baths aren't always necessary, but it can be a bonding experience. Plus, how cute do they look during bath time?

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It's Bath Time for Gus the Guinea Pig!