Bath Buddy: Make Doggie Bath Time Easier with the Help of Peanut Butter

Posted by Mateja Lane
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Have you seen that video of a dog staying calm and collected while in the shower because he is licking peanut butter off the wall?

Well, now there is a company that wants to make this idea a little easier and cleaner.

Bath Buddy is a silicone mat in the shape of a paw print that easily sticks to the shower wall or edge of the bathtub with a suction cup. By spreading (xylitol-free!) peanut butter on the Bath Buddy, your dog will be distracted and forget about torturous bath time.

Spreading peanut butter directly on the shower wall makes for more cleanup, but there are also other things your dog might be licking off the wall with the peanut butter. There might be cleaning chemicals or dangerous bacteria that can make your dog sick. Bath Buddy acts as a healthy buffer when you spread the peanut butter directly on the plastic mold. It is dishwasher-safe, so cleanup is easy!

Check out their Kickstarter campaign.

Bath Buddy creators Rob and Megan Hoover love their two rescue dogs Gia and Napoleon, and do lots of fun activities outside of their home in Charlotte, North Carolina. But the dogs are often dirty after their fun activities like hiking and going to the beach and really don't enjoy bath time. But they do like peanut butter...By using peanut butter spread on a Bath Buddy, both Gia and Napoleon stay calm and distracted during bath time. 

Rob and Megan created the first mold for Bath Buddy and gave them to their other dog owner friends. It was a huge hit and they want to bring Bath Buddy to market! In order to do that they are trying to raise $3,000 by April 26.

If you pledge $14 you will get your very own red or purple Bath Buddy when they make it to production! Pledging $29 will get you a two-pack, $43 will get you three Bath Buddies, and $140 will get the Wolf Pack, 10 Bath Buddies perfect for gifting or to donate to shelters!

Back this project on Kickstarter and get ready for calmer bath time!

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Does your dog hate baths? Do you think a Bath Buddy will help? Let us know in the comments below. 

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Bath Buddy: Make Doggie Bath Time Easier with the Help of Peanut Butter