Texas Bat World Sanctuary: Saving Precious Lives, One Bat at a Time

Posted by TF Oren

In 1988, Amanda Lollar found an injured bat on a roasting hot sidewalk in Texas. 

Like many, Amanda thought of bats as merely vermin. However, she couldn't bring herself to let the little creature suffer, so she took pity on it and brought it home.

Amanda researched bats at the local library. She was surprised to find out how valuable bats are to the ecosystem, and decided to do everything she could to try and heal the little bat's wing and set it free.

Little did Amanda know, that bat, whom she named "Sunshine," was going to change her life. Unfortunately, despite Amanda's best efforts, Sunshine's wing was beyond repair, so she became a permanent member of Amanda's family.

In 1991, Amanda wrote a book about Sunshine, "The Bat In My Pocket: A Memorable Friendship." Just a few years later, in 1994, Amanda founded Bat World Sanctuary, a safe haven for non-releasable bats.


Today, Bat World, located just outside of Cool, Texas, is a thriving organization that serves as a permanent home to hundreds of non-releasable bats of various species. Bats that come to Bat World include orphans, injured bats rescued by members of the public, bats that have been rescued from zoos, the illegal wildlife trade, research facilities, and other unfortunate scenarios.

Bat World is also actively involved in bat rescue and conservation efforts. The organization has worked with other wildlife rehabilitation associations, the Lubee Bat Conservancy, Bat Conservation International, a handful of North American universities, the CDC, Texas Parks and Wildlife, and various other state agencies in an effort to educate the public and help make the world a kinder place for bats.

Here's a peek inside Bat World:

Many of Bat World's bats have come from terrible circumstances. As a result, Bat World is not open to the public, as parading people through each day would cause the bats undue stress.

Volunteer positions are available on a limited basis, and Bat World also provides a number of volunteer opportunities that interested parties can take advantage of from home.

Click here to check out Bat World's official website and find out how you can get involved.

What do you think of this incredible organization and its lifesaving work on behalf of bats? Let us know in the comments section!

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