Educational Cuteness: Basil the Golden Retriever Teaches About Healthy Dog Treats

Posted by Stacey Venzel
All images via Basilthegolden/Instagram

This puppy has an educational video on fruits and vegetables as snacks for dogs.

Sweet Basil Hayden is a Golden Retriever puppy from Seattle, Washington. When he's not busy going viral with his adorable puppiness, he educates fellow dogs and their humans about healthy dieting.

The American Kennel Club got wind of Basil's innocent face and perfect coat and employed the canine to entice dog owners to feed their pets responsibly.

Obesity is a trend not only with American children but with pets, too. When dogs are cute, they get a treat. When they're really cute, they get too many treats and obesity ensues.

But as Basil so adorably teaches us, carrots, apples, pears, blueberries, and cucumbers make great snacks for dogs. Not only are fruits and vegetables high in vitamins and minerals, but they have additional health bonuses.

Blueberries, for example, are natural anti-oxidants. Carrots are low-calorie and jam-packed with Vitamin A, along with other orange-colored foods like sweet potatoes. Pears are high in copper, a deficiency found in many breeds. But beware the grapes! They are poisonous to dogs. Along with their dehydrated raisin form, grapes can lead to acute renal failure.

The trick for feeding these snacks, of course, is starting off when the dog is young, because some geriatrics, like humans, are stuck in their ways.

Dogs follow their noses, and meat has a stronger odor than a leaf of lettuce. Herbs have a strong smell, too and they can also be great for dogs--true to this pup's namesake.

But if you have an old and fat canine that could benefit from a trim waist (who wouldn't, really?), then you can try gradually introducing these new and oh-so-exotic health foods to your pet.

In the wild, dogs are naturally omnivores. As opportunistic feeders, they scavenge on grass, berries and other free meals in addition to abiding by their hunting instincts.

Basil turns one year old on November 10. Follow along with his puppy antics on his very own Instagram, @basilthegolden.

All images via Basilthegolden/Instagram.

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Educational Cuteness: Basil the Golden Retriever Teaches About Healthy Dog Treats